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Some e-commerce merchants will try just about anything to bump their conversion rates up. They might run a recurring rock-bottom price deal to inflate the numbers or push a new product line or category every couple of weeks to expand their long tail business like Amazon. Some merchants may even resort to overly harassing email bombardments in the hopes that even a few opens will turn into conversions. In the end, most of these efforts are fruitless or, at the very least, temporary.

Most online stores start off small. Maybe it’s just a few core products and some info pages, or perhaps it’s only one certain type of product. And while this might be the right way to get the ball rolling for your business, there’s going to come a time when you start to expand. Those few products become many, a couple of info pages expound into blog posts and FAQs, and your inventory begins to diversify as you look for ways to grow the business.

Celebros, a long-time provider of integrated semantic site search functionality to Magento-powered ecommerce websites, is pleased to announce that it has been elevated to the exclusive position of Premier Technology Partner by Magento. Moving forward, Celebros will be recognized as the premier provider of on-site search capabilities within the Magento platform.

In 2014, the world of computing as we know it changed. This was the year that mobile computing overtook desktop browsing, pushing smartphones and tablets into clear focus as the number one way people surfed the web. Today, this remains true and in fact, mobile browsing has blown desktop computing out of the water thanks in part to annual smartphone improvements and the rise of popular tablets like the iPad.

When you ask a question, you’re looking for an answer and if you have to ask the question, it means you don’t have that answer. This might sound like circular logic, but it’s actually the concept behind search engines: designing an answer machine that helps to educate you on the questions you have to ask, no matter what form they may take. The question and answer system of your ecommerce’s on-site search function works the same way.

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