Give shoppers the products they’re looking for – as they search!

Celebros’ AutoComplete feature turns your search box into the most powerful tool on your site

Available in Conversion Pro V8, our AutoComplete feature will have your shoppers engaged with the first letter they type in your search box.

AutoComplete completes your customer’s sentences as they type, returning accurate results instantly, with lightening fast speed. Your most popular products are matched to the most popular queries, showcasing the inventory you want to showcase.

Built on proven search technology, AutoComplete is adapted specifically for your sites’ products and shoppers; its results are based on the history of their frequent queries combined with the first letter of each product listed in your product catalogue. It is constantly being updated by real-time data from Celebros Pro V8 Analytics – both related to the products themselves as well as to past shoppers’ reactions to AutoComplete suggestions.

The criteria for choosing the suggested products can vary and is based upon your preference – by clicks, CTR, purchases, views or any weighted combination. Clicking on just one letter brings up an entire list of relevant options! Additionally, images are displayed for the products included in the suggestion list, improving the chances of conversion as well as boosting product recognition

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