Imagine a feature that knows your inventory better than you do.

Expose customers to more products, increase average order size!

That’s the beauty of Celebros Cross Sell and Product Recommendation

Like any good salesperson, Cross Sell’s powerful recommendation engine “knows” your inventory and suggests additional items that may be of interest to your customers while they’re shopping. From the landing page to the shopping cart, Celebros Cross Sell’s intuitive merchandizing technology draws from real-time search and behavioral analytics data to bring up additional products from your catalog your customers may like and increase your average order value.

Easily insert the Cross-Sell widget at various stages of the purchase process product page, shopping cart, checkout page and more

Specifically, these product recommendations are generated dynamically, from a behavioral profile based on detailed metrics like clicks, prior purchases and shopping cart information. If some of these elements aren’t available, Celebros’ cross sell technology will suggest alternative products based on weighted, real-time analytics. The power to manually manager, overwrite or suggest other products is always up to you.

Manage one powerful and effective shopping experience

Conversion Pro V8 will allow you to give your customers the most powerful shopping experience with the best Site Search, Merchandizing and Navigation tools available. Watch your shop benefit from increased revenue and impressive conversion rates

The automated advantage

Cross Sell can be run fully automated, requiring minimal human resources. Creating and maintaining a Cross Sell campaign manually is a huge undertaking that involves a lot of work. Consider this: Imagine a store with an inventory of only 20 products. If the shop owner decided to cross sell just three items with each product, there would be over 5000 cross sell combinations to choose from!

Cross Sell is simply the most effective way to maximize sales for your online store

  • Makes recommendations based on accurate, real -time data regarding shoppers’ purchasing trends
  • Reports exact revenue data for each Cross Sell product
  • Quicker and more efficient handling of massive product catalogs
  • Rapid implementation: simply add the Cross Sell widget to your product pages, shopping cart and checkout page.

Celebros Conversion Pro V8 is the only conversion platform that gives you the flexibility to turn your catalog into a dynamic shop that’s relevant, current and optimized for higher conversions and increased sales.