Put the power of a Personal Shopper on your site with Gift Finder.

Expose customers to more products, increase average order size!

Most of the time your shoppers are in a hurry and aren’t quite sure what they want – but they want to find “it” and fast.  As part of the Celebros ConversionPro V8 suite the Product Finder was created to help your shoppers in situations like this and quickly turn browsers into actual paying customers.

Even before shoppers start their search, Gift Finder & Product Finders asks them specific questions in order to best direct them to what they are looking for, immediately delivering useful and personalized results based on the user input.   This module helps relieve shopping related stress and increases the chances of a conversion!

How it works

Performing much like a live salesperson, the Gift Finder asks shoppers a series of questions (which were pre-determined by the merchant) relevant to the subject of their product search. In the case of gifts, for example, questions about the intended recipient such as their gender, size, tastes, etc.  A merchant selling hardware and tools may want to set up a product finder that will assist his customers in finding otherwise complex products or parts such as a drill bit finder.  Gift Finder uses the information submitted by the shopper to produce a highly personalized set of results that best matches all the given criteria.

Celebros ConversionPro V8 is the only conversion platform that gives you the flexibility to turn your catalog into a dynamic shop that’s relevant, current and optimized for higher conversions and increased sales.