Guided Navigation

Give your customers the best of both worlds with connected search and navigation

Industry analysts and our customers report that between 15 and 20% of visitors use site- search to complete their shopping all the way through to check out. In fact, shoppers who use site search are responsible for 40 to 55% or more of an online shop’s total revenue.

Now there is a way to make that experience even more powerful.

By connecting your site’s navigation to the search function, Celebros creates “Guided Navigation”, a powerful tool that will give your customers the most advanced shopping experience — one that goes well beyond the search bar.

Navigation is the most popular tool for online shoppers this streamlined shopping experience empowers your customers to search for products they want with the least amount of effort and the most positive results. They will be able to find products via navigation normally not accessible with navigation alone.

Manage one powerful and effective shopping experience

Conversion Pro V8 will allow you to give your customers the most powerful shopping experience — with the best Site Search, Merchandizing and Navigation tools available. Watch your shop benefit from increased revenue and impressive conversion rates!

Advanced Multi-Select Search Refinement

With the advanced Ajax based multi-select site search refinement tool customers can now easily conduct search refinements by selecting multiple product attributes that both dynamically change and produce additional refinement options with each selection to allow your customers to find the perfect product or set of products and proceed to checkout.

Additional product attributes that may be shown in this feature include:

  • Color swatches
  • Product ratings
  • Product sizes and options
  • Gender
  • Brand, etc.