“Advertising moves people toward goods; merchandizing moves goods toward people.” (Morris Hite )

Promote profitable products and redirect customers where you want them to shop.

Conversion Pro V8’s Dynamic Merchandizing Studio features the fastest, most intelligent and accurate tools available. Helps you easily convert your merchandizing challenges to achieve higher sales.

You know how profitable it is when high-margin products are promoted over less profitable ones, something that’s not always easy to implement. With Conversion Pro V8 Merchandizing studio, you’re just a few clicks away from creating promotion campaigns that will showcase those high-margin products. In just minutes, this powerful feature allows you to create banner campaigns and redirected landing pages. For example, you can create a banner promoting free shipping for the 50 most popular search queries on your site.

Creating a promotion campaign for an instant conversion boost takes just minutes to complete. With results you’ll see immediately.

Category promotion campaigns that are effortless to create.

  • Let’s say you want to create an “Olympics Special” category promotion for running shoes used by “Olympic champions,” a top query in your shop. And you want Nike, the most profitable brand of shoes in your shop, to come up first in the search results. The “Olympics Special” category promotion will boost Nike products to the top of the search results without having to manipulate your catalog or encode anything. The campaign is activated by a shopper’s search query and “Nike” shoes will always be displayed first.

Alternative Products Campaigns that cater to customers’ needs AND effectively manage your business objectives

  • It’s easy to replace low margin products with more profitable ones when you create an Alternative Products Campaign with the Conversion Pro V8 Merchandizing Studio. Similarly, you can replace product sets with low conversion rates with a group of higher conversion rate products based on market trends and analytics.

Landing pages and redirected pages that bring shoppers to your top brands, holiday events and specials:

  • Create specialized landing and redirect pages so that all information related pages are easily found by your customers (such as shipping information pages). You may also want to create specialized landing pages to showcase leading brands, top sellers, sales or special events (such as holidays).