It’s like having a live salesperson that helps your customers shop, and actually buy what they came for.

More sales means higher conversions.

Celebros Site Search Pro V8 is a uniquely powerful solution package that combines Celebros’ advanced conversion technologies with advanced management and optimization features to give your online shop the best site search solution available. Site Search Pro V8 is the perfect solution for newer online stores or smaller e-tailers who want the power and features used by the “BIG Box Stores”.

Celebros’ Site Search Pro V8’s suite of conversion technologies are shattering the e-commerce industry’s status quo, and contain the best conversion enhancing tools, products and features like Natural Language (Semantic) Site Search, Advanced Auto Complete & Responsive Multi-Select Navigation all designed for e-commerce professionals by e-commerce professionals, with the sole purpose of increasing conversion rates on your site.

Site Search Pro V8 combines advanced Celebros conversion technologies with advanced management and optimization features, giving your online shop the best site search solution available with the fastest response time available – 0.05 seconds or less, every time!

Your customers will find the products they want quickly and easily, with Site Search Pro V8 features that include Semantic Site Search, Advanced Auto Complete and Responsive Multi Select Navigation:


Site Search

Celebros intelligent, concept- based Site Search understands a shopper’s intent and returns relevant personalized and accurate results every time — on the first page. This means increased Conversion Rates and revenue for online stores. The search engine response time is 0.05 seconds or less, every time!

Advanced Auto-Complete

Complete your customer’s sentences as they type and return accurate results instantly with lightning fast speed. Your most popular products are matched to the most popular queries, showcasing the inventory you want to showcase and in the position you chose. Infuse your Auto Complete with dynamic merchandising banners that are triggered from the search term your visitors enter – live!

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Responsive Multi-Select Navigation

Make your store navigation even more flexible and user-friendly by enabling customers to select multiple values or attributes of the same search. the Responsive multi-select approach provides the ability to express search queries that both expand and narrow results by flexibly combining the inclusion (“AND”) and (“OR”) across all product variables, attributes and other selected information.  Best of all, its responsive and will look great from any mobile and tablet device.