Virtual Categories Turn Knowledge into Sales

In today’s competitive, fast-paced world of online shopping, flexibility is everything.

Consumer trends and buying habits change constantly. Today’s trends can become yesterday’s news in no time. As an e-retailer, keeping your site updated and current is a must or you’ll be left with inventory you can’t sell.¬¬

With Conversion Pro V8’s cutting edge conversion technologies, you can create a Virtual Category to instantly introduce products as soon as a new trend hits the market or to meet a demand. Creating a Virtual Category is as easy as re-grouping products and creating new points of interest on your site.

Conversion Pro V8 is designed to support catalog manipulation without changing, re-writing or re-uploading your catalog file and without touching your sites data or taxonomy. So you’ll have the ability to add and change categories, update campaigns and create promotions in minutes – all while being completely independent of your coders or IT department.

Create your Virtual Category in just three easy steps:

  • Create a new category with two easy clicks
  • Populate the category with a simple drag and drop action
  • Add items from your catalog, showcasing your products the way you want them to appear such as showing products with the highest profitability first while omitting or lowering the products or brands with lower margins