Hosted Solutions

Celebros Salesperson is deployed on Celebros servers using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This standard method is the most efficient delivery model possible from both technical and business standpoints and proved to work best throughout our entire client base.

Celebros Salesperson can be deployed either as a hosted XML web service (without handling the user interface) or in a complete form, handling the search-results user interface as well. Celebros provides online stores all options to integrate the solution in the way that best suits their needs and the resources at their disposal.

Celebros Salesperson SaaS – Full Deployment

A full deployment of the Celebros Salesperson SaaS includes installing all components and data required by the search engine on one hand, and creating the search page user interface (reflecting the online shop’s requirements and preferences) on the other. The search results presented to shoppers also reside on Celebros servers. After receiving the search results, shoppers are returned to the shop’s own servers to continue any non-search related functionality (i.e., links clicked, purchases, etc.).

Celebros receives a periodic (usually daily) export of the shop catalogue so that its servers have the most recently updated product information.

Deploying Celebros Salesperson as a hosted XML Web Service

Deploying Celebros Salesperson as a XML Web Service installs all components and data required by the search engine. Celebros provides an API and sample code for quickly integrating the API calls into the search page user interface.

During the deployment process, Celebros ensures that the proper XML parser is used to receive and interpret the search results data received from the Celebros search engine in XML.

Celebros receives a periodic (usually daily) export of the shop catalogue so that its servers have the most recently updated product information.

Hosting Partners

At Celebros, we’re committed to providing an open, partner-based approach to meeting our customer’s hosting requirements. The hosting partner we have chosen – SAVVIS – enables us to meet the challenges of today’s computing environments by extending our solution through this partnership. The SAVVIS hosting solution enables Celebros to provide our clients with the following benefits:

1. Brand new hardware, planned in N+1 redundancy.
  High performance and manageability of IBM BladeCenter rack optimized platforms.
  All hardware components are duplicated for redundancy purposes.
2. Significantly more powerful hardware.
  Each physical server has 2 CPUs with 4 CPU cores each (equivalent to 8 CPUs).
  Ability to grow up to 64GB RAM per server.
3. Enhanced recovery and provisioning abilities.
  Server can be up and running in terms of the operating system within 20 minutes.
  Recovery based on storage snapshots, which takes only minutes to recover to previous state.
4. Enterprise storage.
  Network Appliance Enterprise storage system has two redundant controllers with fiber connectivity.
  Backup storage.
  Replication between storages.
5. Full benefits of Virtualization.
  Better redundancy for applications (VMotion option).
  Clustering approach (no data stored on the servers).
  Flexible management.
6. Better location in terms of internet connections.
  Hosting near New York, a well known internet junction, ensures better response times and the highest internet availability possible.

SAVVIS Inc. (NASDAQ:SVVS) is a global leader in outsourced internet infrastructure services for enterprises. More than 4,000 customers, including 40 percent of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500, use Savvis to reduce capital expense, improve service levels and harness the latest advances in cloud computing.