Managed Services

Celebros offers customers a Managed Services solution. This increasingly popular service places the responsibility for managing Celebros Salesperson search on customer sites in Celebros’ hands. Dedicated account managers work with Professional Services to maintain Celebros Salesperson search in a continually optimised state. Their consistently applied expertise improves site management and keeps customer sites performing at their best.

Managed Services ensures that Celebros Salesperson Search is always attuned to the changing needs of the online shop.

The benefits that accrue to online sites are:

  • Search is always optimised with expert handling of all search and navigation issues in the shop
  • Trends are caught and analyzed as they occur; sites stock and promote the items shoppers want
  • Holiday and sales promotions are structured and performed on time
  • Actionable analytics reports are provided and interpreted on a monthly basis
  • Shops gain e-commerce and search expertise

Celebros Managed Services is Cost Effective

With on-site search performing at its best, Celebros Managed Services contributes to the shop’s bottom line.

Sites that use the service are assigned a dedicated account manager who maintains regular contact with them and together with Celebros Professional Services team members, carry out optimisations, promotions, modifications or other tasks associated with management of Celebros Salesperson on the customer’s site.

Offered to customers for a low monthly fee, Managed Services is an excellent and attractive option. No additional investment in extensive Celebros training for in-house or new personnel is needed. Search-related issues are handled by search experts while at the same time, site personnel’s time and efforts are completely available for the performance of the many other high-priority tasks involved in running the shop.

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