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Celebros views training and education as an important part of the services we provide our customers and partners. Celebros training specialists are highly dedicated and experienced professionals. As part of the company’s Professional Services team, they work with Celebros technology and tools on a daily basis and provide our customers with comprehensive and intensive training on these very products.

The courses offered by Celebros are at introductory and advanced levels and are taught using the latest technology to facilitate the learning process.

Celebros’s customers receive training so that they are able to manage the daily tasks associated with running Celebros Salesperson. Training is provided within the first two months following implementation. It is geared toward all staff members involved in management and maintenance of Qwiser Salesperson.

The initial training sessions are often conducted via WebEx and conference call in parallel and cover the knowledge and techniques required for non-IT personnel to manage Qwiser’s behavior. This includes making changes to the site’s catalogue and initiating merchandising campaigns, among other tasks.

Celebros offers its customers:

Basic Skills 1: Celebros Salesperson Desktop
Basic Skills 2: Celebros Salesperson Desktop and Celebros Salesperson Façade


Celebros offers courses leading to ‘Expert’ status. Celebros Partners as well as merchandisers, system administrators,   e-commerce executives, and others at customer sites participate in advanced courses and learn about implementation of the full Qwiser Salesperson solution, enriching their know-how. Using a highly interactive, hands-on approach, we help shorten the learning curve considerably.

Course participants learn to apply the full potential of Celebros software to create desired business outcomes.

The following courses are offered:

Advanced Skills: Celebros Salesperson Desktop
Administration Skills: Advanced Salesperson Management Console
Certificate Course: Celebros Expert


This course, designed for new Qwiser Salesperson customers, provides an overview of Qwiser Salesperson Desktop (SPD) and a review of common SPD actions. Trainees will learn how the Qwiser SPD works, how to add / change product categories and product attributes in the Search Navigation Tree (SNT), and how to control and revise the refinement options presented to shoppers during search.


A continuation of Basic Skills 1, this course provides a more detailed look at the different features and actions that are used in Qwiser Salesperson Desktop. These include: textual search, refinement options and answers, concept ranking, synonyms, and general search and dynamic properties.

Customers also receive an introduction to Qwiser Salesperson Façade and its use in tracking search engine behavior, understanding individual query behavior, and other functionality.

Celebros offers advanced level courses that provide customers as well as partners with in-depth knowledge of our product, enabling them to accomplish tasks faster, with more precision and efficiency.


The two-day long, advanced Qwiser Salesperson Desktop course offers an in depth look into the creation of a Search Navigation Tree (SNT), results analysis, fine tuning, maintenance, synchronization and common practices.

The course focuses on a better understanding of SNT workings and the ability to implement complex changes. It is recommended for all merchandisers, system administrators, and e-commerce executives.


This course focuses on Qwiser’s backend: network architecture, configuration of various network appliances, load balancers, firewalls, and the different servers; mapping rules and queries are also covered.

The length of the course is one day and is recommended for system administrators, site webmasters/web developers. Course prerequisites are system administrator level and familiarity with UI code.

Courses that lead to certification are intended for Celebros partners as well as for staff at customer sites to enable them to manage and manipulate Qwiser Salesperson independently.


The Certified Qwiser Expert course provides advanced Qwiser Salesperson Desktop training in addition to Salesperson Management Console (SMC) training. Students will create a Search Navigation Tree (SNT) from scratch which will enable them to fully understand Qwiser’s components and ensure that any required changes can be handled by the certified expert without the intervention of a Celebros Professional Services team member.

The length of this course is five days and is recommended for system administrators, site webmasters/web developers.

Prerequisites for the course are system administrator level and familiarity with UI code.


Celebros’ top professionals are available to cater to our clients’ periodic needs for:

• Training (on- or off-site)
• Specially designed courses
• Salesperson modifications or customizations
   (i.e., implementations of new catalogs)
• Indexing/categorization issues
• Software upgrades
• UI changes

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