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Just about everyone knows what the Internet is, however far fewer people understand the “Internet of Things (IoT).” Simply put, IoT is the worldwide network of devices that are tapped into the Internet: things like security cameras, thermostats, Blu-ray players, mobile phones, tablets and other objects that are accessible via an IP address.

There’s a good reason Celebros is the only Magento Premier Partner for site search and the only site search technology to be certified for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Actually there are 6 reasons (see below), the foremost of which is the intuitive ability to understand what your customers are trying to say, versus what they’re actually typing into the search box.

Data is the driver behind every smart merchandising decision—after all, it’s a quantifiable representation of your customers, in terms of what they’re buying and spending. Leveraging sales data to power smarter transactions is a hallmark of a smart Magento ecommerce operator.

Typewriters gave way to computers. Floppy disks were replaced by flash drives. Polaroids were driven to extinction by the digital camera. As history has shown us, newer, better technologies are likely to always win out. What’s next in this progression of antiquated innovations? The answer is text-based site search.

Site search that’s still powered by keyword matching or plain text interpretation is soon to go the way of the dinosaur, in favor of semantic search and natural language processing (NLP). Why? Well, like all things now obsolete, it’s falling out of favor and unable to keep up with new demands from other technologies surrounding it.

Some e-commerce merchants will try just about anything to bump their conversion rates up. They might run a recurring rock-bottom price deal to inflate the numbers or push a new product line or category every couple of weeks to expand their long tail business like Amazon. Some merchants may even resort to overly harassing email bombardments in the hopes that even a few opens will turn into conversions. In the end, most of these efforts are fruitless or, at the very least, temporary.

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