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Internet of things (IoT) devices, such as Amazon’s Echo and dash buttons, Google’s Home and others are starting to take a more active role in the shopping process. While it is possible for big conglomerates to convince shoppers to buy and use their devices, this option is entirely unavailable for smaller (and some even bigger) online merchants

Even five years ago, the idea of a personal assistant was something reserved for the rich and famous, the wealthy or top-end business professionals. Today, however, every smartphone owner gets the experience of a personal assistant in their pocket. Thanks to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa (and to some extent, Google Assistant), being able to speak a command and get results is instantly possible.

The English language is made up of thousands of words. It’s no surprise that frequently, there’s overlap when it comes to what some words mean. Is there really any difference between “rough” and “rugged” or “clear” and “transparent”?

In some cases, word distinction is extremely important and if the precise word isn’t used, the entire meaning of something could be changed. Thankfully, eCommerce is not one of these settings and saying “fuzzy” vs. “fluffy” isn’t going to have a profound effect on someone’s ability to explain the type of sweater they’re looking for!

What does a product name like “Women’s Green Wool Sweater” really tell you? Well, to state the obvious, it tells you the following:

Leader in Natural Language Site Search Technologies Launches New Personalization Suite Powered by Predictive Analytics and Shopping Predictions 


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - /PRWEBCelebros, Inc. Magento’s Premier Site Search partner and global leader in natural language - semantic site search, navigation and merchandising technologies announced the release of its new Celebros PCE (Predictive Conversions Engine) personalization suite utilizing, site search predictions, predictive analytics, product recommendations, micro segmentation and 1:1 messaging.  The personalization suite is offered as an add-on to the feature rich suite of natural language conversion optimization tools offered by Celebros to its global online retailers across all eCommerce platforms.

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