Natural Language Site Search
+ Intelligent Learning

You pay to drive traffic to your site.  Your potential customers are searching for products on your site.  If they can’t find those products with ease, off to your competitors they go.

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E-Commerce Site Search with the “smarts”

With 250 Natural Language and Semantic algorithm components, Celebros’ search understands which word in the query is a product, an attribute or an expression that is related to a price or product.


Long Tail Search

Visitors searching for products tend to be very specific about what they want. With the use of natural language and intent algorithms, Celebros ensures that the customers receive the best results every time no matter the length or complexity of the query by.

Searched for “dry organic dog food”

True Color Search

Searching for Blue Diamond Rings shouldn’t be complicated. For some reason this rather simple task has become overly convoluted online. Celebros bridges the customer’s natural language with the websites text by contextually being aware of the customer’s semantic intent and returning the correct results – every time.

Searched for “blue diamond rings”

Function Search

Semantic Search handles functions such as “with”, “without” & “under”. Visitors on a budget looking for a product under a certain price, can now easily find the items they want. Celebros’ concept based site search removes the guessing games by returning accurate results even when the query is complex.

Searched for “yellow handbags under $25”

Advanced Spellcheck and Boolean

We all make spelling mistakes. What can you do? We’re human. Celebros’ natural language site search understands, corrects and delivers accurate results for the most convoluted spelling mistakes and grammatical errors without the need of manual optimization and correction even with multiple size options.

Searched for “mens blue addidas shoes sise13 or 14”

Site Search Conversion Analytics

Site Search conversion analytics provides e-commerce managers and merchants a full, broad and in-depth view of the search segment revenue streams by both desktop and mobile devices and across all search terms and website products.

Celebros Dashboard: Analytics

Advanced Machine Learning (AML)

Not only does the Celebros Natural Language Site Search serve customers the most relevant results, but these results are entirely focused on conversion rates and the user experience. Celebros will rearrange the position of products and their refinements based on collected user data processed through the Advanced Machine Learning technologies. Celebros' AML will also proactively optimize the search with the addition of synonyms used in past search sessions to provide the merchant with richer data that converts

Leading Merchants Need Super Features.
Make Sure Your Customers Have the Tools to Convert

  • Available in seven languages
  • Full conversions analytics suite
  • Foreign language characters recognized
  • Advanced auto-complete
  • Advanced spellcheck
  • Multi select faceted navigation
  • Automatic singular/plural recognition
  • Dynamic merchandising suite
  • Synonym and langauge dictionary
  • Connected search and navigation
  • Handles boolean functions  like "size 9 or 10"
  • Field boosting
  • Handles functions like "with", "without", "under". etc.
  • Product promition
  • True color search
  • Per search term performance monitoring
  • Fully responsive for mobile or tablets
  • Fuzzy search
  • Content and cms search (nonproduct)
  • "Did you mean"?
  • Social search
  • Scoped searches
  • Intelligent machine learning
  • Redirections
  • Easy and fast integration
  • Truncation and stemming permitted
  • Mangeto's premier site search extension
  • Compound terms
  • hybris gold certified extension
  • Fast and on-demand indexing
  • Fast result delivered in 0.05 seconds or less
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Seven responsive and customizable ajax-based UI's
  • 24/7 support by actual staff
  • Use our or your UI's
  • Full training
  • Full API availble

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