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Celebros Inc. is a global leader in the development and sale of site-search, navigation and additional merchandising tool solutions for online retailers through our concept-based search. We focus on improving the financial performance of online stores in the form of increased conversion rate and revenues.


Celebros success is made possible largely due to the highly motivated people and their drive for success. We recruit talents who demonstrate persistence, integrity, innovative and creative solutions for problem solving. Celebros team members have an enthusiasm and commitment to getting things done while always placing the client at the center.


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Professional Services Knowledge Manager

Job Location:  Agoura Hills, California


About the position:

Serve as leader of Business Intelligence (BI) product roadmaps and strategies; collaborate with sales teams to understand customer requirements, to promote Celebros’ products; coordinate integration tasks of e-commerce sites; examine UI specifications; analyze clients’ data and solution designs; use Visual Studio 2000-2008, Silverlight, PHP, Magento, and Batch for projects; use database tools: 

SQL Server 2000-2008 (Database, SSIS); perform new account set up and management; provide technical support services;  define, scope, and implement BI requirements/needs by creating SQL reporting services; design internal and external reporting solutions (marketing, service, management, finance, billing, CRM); lead integration projects at interface of in-house and clients’ information systems; coordinate and synchronize company departments’ information systems requirements to maximize efficiency; design scalable automated processes to support company growth and quality of service; analyze and forecast market business trends relevant to clients’ success in order to identify marketing opportunities; monitor and assess clients’ campaign performances vis-à-vis their business goals; identify operational challenges and provide possible remedies; provide ROI analysis to support clients’ product/business initiatives prioritization; and provide ad-hoc analyses to support internal management decisions across spectrum of company activities.


Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, plus 1 year experience. Experience to include coordinating integration tasks of e-commerce sites, examining UI specifications and analyzing client’s data and solution designs; using Visual Studio 2000-2008, Silverlight, PHP, Magento, and Batch, and working with database tools: SQL Server 2000-2008 (Database, SSIS). 









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