Heatmapping Analytics

Watch Every Click, See Each Mouse
Movement and Scroll

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SeeVolution’s click heatmaps show you every mouse click and every touch on a mobile
phone or tablet. Whether it’s an image, text, or link you will see exactly what your
visitors are interacting with.

Click Heatmaps

Click Heatmaps show exactly what objects your visitors click on. Objects include links, images, buttons and navigation menus. Find “dead objects” instantly by seeing images that visitors mistake for buttons!

Click heatmap

Mouse Movement Heatmaps

Mouse Movement Heatmaps track each visitors mouse point. SeeVolution’s analytics engine then aggregates that data in real-time, and generates an overlay that shows what visitors are actually paying attention to.

Mouse movements

Scroll Heatmaps

We all know that a “fold” exists on a website, but what people often overlook, is that there are multiple folds within a website. Each inch represents a percentage of users who no longer see your webpage.

Scroll heatmap

Real Time Analytics

Live clicks, website owners can see their website come to life. You can literally see clicks as they happen. This is especially useful when launching new campaigns and landing pages.

See clicks as they happen

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