SEO has a clear goal: drive targeted traffic to a specific web page. the landing page could be the most crucial element in your overall digital marketing campaign, as these pages are responsible for converting traffic. That is why optimizing a targeted landing page is crucial for the success of your SEO campaigns.


Each time a visitor clicks on  the URLs that appear in organic search results, the ultimate action is to convert that visitor  as  a sale. This is where a good, optimized and targeted landing page comes into play.


The Celebros new Traffic Builder SEO is driven by real UGC, attracting the right organic traffic using real customer search history and analytics to create the perfect SEO machine for your site. Our Traffic Builder  ensures ranking for search terms your shoppers are actually using!


Works hand-in-hand with current SEO efforts

Traffic Builder is designed to complement your sites SEO tasks and not interfere.  The solution solely uses collected shopper site search and navigation data and eliminates tedious tasks of keyword research

Static SEO pages - dynamically created

Traffic Builder analyzes your sites top site search terms daily and creates new static landing pages made to ensure a high organic ranking across all search engines for the queries that count and that shoppers are using on your site

Tagging Control

Traffic Builder can be set to auto create all SEO tagging for each landing page, or you can take over the controls and decide on your H1’s, Descriptions, Titles and any other meta data you’d like to control all the way down to the sitemap

Ranking for actual on-site queries

As a retailer, you want to ensure that your site is ranking organically but sometimes it seems that Google is changing the algorithms just when you thought you conquered them.  No need to worry. Celebros’ Traffic Builder backed up by an expert team takes care of all that so that you can focus on your business

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